Incremental UX design and optimization for online businesses.

We’re a UX design agency helping startups, SaaS, eCommerce and software companies gradually improve
their digital products in order to convert, delight and retain more clients

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Key features:
  • Heavily data-driven
  • User-centered + business-oriented
  • Flexible subscription-based
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Unique value proposition

We believe in experience design for everyone, but not for anyone

The Rectangles is not a typical UX design agency. Under flexible subscription plans, we deliver user experience design and optimization for SaaS, eCommerce and software companies. As the creators of UCDC (a UX tool used at NASA, Adobe or Blizzard), we’re famous for combining users needs with business goals. Our unique service model is based on incremental data-driven improvements which are predictable and safe for the client.

In sum, think of us as an adjustable expert UX design extension for your team.

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Some of our clients

Our team has helped many companies improve their online products


What our awesome clients say about us

”We think of The Rectangles as part of the KnowledgeOwl team. It’s amazing to have a whole team of people who care as much about your customers and product as you do. The best part of The Rectangles approach to UX is the research, thought, and love that goes into their UX designs. They dive deeper into our data than we do! Their subscriptions plans are a no-brainer. For a fraction of the cost of a single freelancer or part-time employee, you get a team of experts on hand to help with your business goals.”

— Marybeth Alexander, CEO of KnowledgeOwl

”We’ve really enjoyed working with The Rectangles. Their team is skilled, professional and the communication is great. I really like the way they set up the communication in Basecamp. This works great. I like that they take time to learn about users, company, product before starting to design anything. Also, I like that they have psychology background. This sets The Rectangles apart from other UX agencies.”

— Mike Iwasiow, CEO of BookedIN

”The Rectangles are really The Incredibles. When I was setting up my business, I really was unaware to the importance of the transparent user experience (aka conversational UX). The Rectangles stepped in at the right time and the whole process was seamless. The end result was a very sophisticated and gives our users that experience we envisioned. I highly recommend these guys.”

— Dana Latouff, founder of Tickitto AI

Value from day 1

We focus on delivering business value, right from the very beginning

Ever worked with agencies who needed at least a few weeks to get you first tangible results? Forget it. We only need 1 week to analyze your online product and send over UX × optimization quick-wins that you can implement and capitalize on without having to waste any more time. And we’ll maintain the pace and standard like this through the entire relationship.

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