Chatbot experience design with complete conversational script writing


Design a conversational UI website promoting web development company. The chatbot had to direct users to one of the landing pages with services relevant to a given user need and provide contact details to the responsible communication manager.


Project summary


We started the project with extensive research on the principles of communication. Our goal was to create a conversation experience that is engaging and fun for the user but at the same time fulfills the client’s business objectives.

After determining the main technical and design aspects of the conversational UI such as the answer format, displaying the conversation flow and messages arrangement, we focused on writing the script.

With personas of target website visitors and client’s business goals, we prepared the outline of possible scenario for each type of user and followed it while writing the final version of the conversation.


•    User research
•    Conversational UI design
•    Visual design
•    Script writing



The outcome


Responsive website based entirely on conversational UI. Apart from increasing brand awareness in an engaging way, the chatbot fulfills more complex business goals starting from directing the user to relevant service page to collecting feedback about the company blog.

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