Our services.

We are a comprehensive UX design team. Our aim is addressing both ​the users’ and the business’ goals.​ We believe a successful project has to be based on smooth communication that’s why we send ​daily recaps throughout the whole project. And since every business is unique, we work on ​flexible hourly rates​. We specialize in:

User experience (UX) design:

Research and design dedicated to creating positive user experiences. Taking into account specific needs of the target users, we design useful and intuitive products.

​User interface (UI) design:​

User-friendly interfaces. No matter if this is a website or an application, we design useful and beautiful interfaces that ensure flawless user interactions.

​Graphic and animation design:​

Visual design with customized icons and animations. We adjust the look and feel of our designs to user expectations as well as brand’s visual identity.

​Information architecture and wireframing:​

Information architecture adjusted to user and business goals. We create detailed product structure and wireframes – its graphic representations to validate the final effect at an early stage.

​Usability reviews:​

Expert usability analysis. Our quick and accurate usability diagnosis helps to spot potential user problems and fix them.

​User research:​

User interviews, surveys, personas creation. Depending on the target group and specific business needs, we conduct relevant user research.

​​Business and user analysis:​

Business/User Fit analysis. Using methods such as questionnaires, interviews or, specifically created for that purpose, User Centered Design Canvas, we help to assess if the business offer suits the user needs.

To get access to case studies and samples of our work, contact us.