UX design tool for combining users needs with business goals


Create a framework for analyzing user needs alongside with business goals and a landing page to share it with the community. The tool had to be simple and universal so that it could be adjusted to fit different types of projects, not only those strictly related to UX design.


Project summary


We decided to represent the framework on the canvas divided into 9 fields that can all fit one A4 sheet of paper. The left side of the canvas focuses on the users: their problem, motives, and fears. The right side is devoted to business: solutions to user problems, competitive advantages, and alternatives. Following the logical order of analysis, the canvas enables creating a one sentence summary in the form of Unique Value Proposition.

Before launching the tool, we’ve tested it for internal projects and in the academic environment during UX design course at University of Wroclaw. It proved useful for organizing market research, creating branding and communication strategies, copywriting, developing new product features and creating UX design deliverables such as personas or wireframes.

To share our tool with the world, we created a landing page with four sections based on the main questions the visitor may want to ask about the tool: What is the tool?, How to use it?, Why is it worth to try it out?, Who created it?.


•    UX design
•    Wireframes
•    UI design
•    Responsive web design
•    Graphic design
•    Content strategy
•    Web development guidance

Internal project


The outcome


Easy to use tool, facilitating user experience design process and a landing page introducing it. Since the main aim of the landing page was to explain what the tool is and how to use it, we’ve chosen a simple, clean design that doesn’t distract the user from the main goal.

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