Responsive Landing Page Promoting FinTech App


Design a promotional website for a FinTech application. Beyond promoting the app, the website was supposed to refresh the company’s image by showing its dynamics, innovation, and precision.


Project summary


The first step of the project was detailed stakeholder interview and cooperative work on the project brief. Competitor analysis and initial research that followed covered the target users of the website (their background, habits and needs) and the client’s business (goals, objectives, and competitive advantages). Research results indicated two main target user groups with slightly different needs: investment funds and their less experienced employees.

We started work on the information architecture of the website from determining the main goals of each user group. Represented on user journey, they formed the fundament for the website structure and initial sketches. Creating wireframes, we made sure to address needs of both target groups: homepage employed a split screen so that users who are busy can sign up for demo right away and download PDF with app specifications, while others have easy access to all information. With complex pricing details represented on easy-to-use calculator, we made sure users can quickly calculate the exact price by choosing an appropriate tab.

Working on graphic design we focused not only on strictly visual aspects such as choosing appropriate font and bold colors reflecting the brand dynamics and expertise, but also on usability factors: textual communication was reinforced by custom icons effectively visualizing app’s features.


•    User research
•    Competitor analysis
•    Proto-personas
•    Wireframes and prototypes
•    UI design
•    Responsive web design
•    Graphic design
•    Web development guidance


Turbine Analytics


The outcome


Fully responsive and functional website that contributed to the client’s business success.

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