Lead generation landing page for web development company


Design a promotional landing page with the main goal of generating new leads and increasing conversion rate for Get a Quote form.


Project summary


To make web development services appear less intimidating, we’ve chosen a delicate, pastel color palette and paired it with shop fronts illustrations that are immediately associated with commerce. A straightforward Unique Value Proposition and a part of WooCommerce logo were used so that the visitor knows straight away what the landing page purpose is.

Also, as its one of the most important information from the client’s perspective, we provided the price per hour above the fold. Services section was based on four main groups of target clients’ needs with simple and plain description of services strengthened with relevant icons.


•    User research
•    UX design
•    UI design
•    Responsive web design
•    Animation and graphic design
•    Content strategy
•    Web development guidance





Delicate, pastel color palette paired with bold violet which is the main color of WooCommerce visual identity and yellow that refers to the client’s official website.


Urban landscape with shop fronts that are immediately associated with commerce, was chosen as the main visual motif of the landing page.


Because the landing page was to be promoted on Twitter, which is in around 80% accessed on mobile devices, it was crucial to make the site convenient to use on phones and tablets.


Services section of the landing page was built on the four main groups of target user needs represented on separate sheets. Straightforward and plain descriptions were strengthened with icons.


The outcome


Fully responsive and PPC-friendly landing page, presenting WooCommece development services of the client to ecommerce owners. Since launching the website, the client observed 76% increase in conversion.

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