From data to better UX

We help you analyze your Mouseflow data to make your product more user-friendly and convert more traffic.

Recording analysis

Heatmap study

Funnel optimizations

Forms creation

Feedback gathering


Recording analysis

Based on recordings we identify usability issues on your website.


    •     analysis summary
    •     list of usability issues with screens
    •     quick-win solutions



Heatmap study

Analyzing heatmaps we pinpoint critical elements of your website.


    •    analysis of all pages
    •    list of usability issues
    •    quick-win solutions


Funnel optimizations

We explain the stumble blocks the users encounter on the website.


    •    list of usability issues
    •    possible solutions for optimizing user flow



Form analysis

We track and analyze your forms performance and suggest content and design tweaks to improve conversion rates.


    •    performance tracking
    •    data analysis
    •    form optimization


Feedback gathering

We help you collect meaningful customer feedback.


    •    poll questions
    •    feedback summary
    •    CX suggestions


We're excited that The Rectangles can help Mouseflow clients analyze their data - providing years of experience and insight in the process.

Evan Hill, Account Manager, Mouseflow

What our clients say about us

We have especially appreciated the fact that The Rectangles do design improvements based on numbers (visitor's behaviour), and not only based on gut feeling. Furthermore, they are very flexible to work with and the deliverables are mostly 'first-time-right' (which is often a problem with designers).

Stefan Debois, Founder, Survey Anyplace

The Rectangles were incredibly quick to respond, easy to work with, and asked the right questions to understand our objectives.  We wouldn't hesitate to use them again.

Lisa Huston, Elevation Energy Group

The Rectangles did an excellent job creating the design for our WooCommerce landing page! We are impressed by their project attitude and engagement. They conducted a very detailed research and on that basis they prepared a beautiful creation we are very proud to show to our clients.

Magda Rogóż, Marketing Manager,

Working with The Rectangles is great. They've got a great understanding of eCommerce UX and they create not only clean, aesthetically pleasing designs but equally as important, frictionless experiences for our customers.

Vijay Sitaram, Owner, Wipertech

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