Meet our team

We’re a multidisciplinary UX crew of researchers, visual designers, psychologists, and content writers. We’re design-driven problem solvers and methodical creatives who always work with their heads long before they start the design process.

About us

Heavily user-centered approach to research, analysis, wireframing and design is the fundament of everything we do. We always put the user needs at the center, but it doesn’t mean we forget about the business aspect of UX. The Rectangles is driven by confidence that well-designed user experience always translates into business growth.

Viewing UX design as a long-term care of user-business relationship, we’re focused on building strong bonds between our clients and their users as well as between our clients and ourselves.

Our skills:

•    Conducting research
•    User Interface design
•    Planning strategy
•    Usability testing
•    Animation design
•    Visual design

Our team

Leszek Zawadzki
UX design director, Partner

Leszek is a long-time designer and a natural entrepreneur with a few successful companies under his belt. As a founder of The Rectangles, he supervises every creative bit the team provides and makes sure it’s in line with both users’ needs and business objectives.

Alina Prelicz-Zawadzka
UX researcher, UX designer, Partner

Alina is a UX researcher with degree in social and cognitive psychology. She’s making use of her academic knowledge to gather and analyze data about users that are the fundament of wireframes she’s an absolute master of.

Anna Kulawik
Communication manager, UX writer

English studies and communication management graduate, Anna strongly believes that text is as important as visuals in UX. At The Rectangles she designs words, writing website content, blog articles and emails to clients.

Natalia Łabędź
Visual designer, Illustrator

There’s no artistic technique that isn’t familiar to Natalia: Photoshop brush, graphic tablet stylus or classic paint – she uses them all equally well. Observant and open-minded, she uses her academic knowledge about landscape architecture to work on website IA and interfaces.

Filip Błaszczyk
Lead visual designer, UX designer

Filip is a master of all graphic design software you can think of and he never stops developing his skills. His eye to detail and UX knowledge guarantee that every design the team produces is pixel-perfect and functional.

Anna Szczerba
Visual designer, Illustrator

As an art major, Anna is sensitive to all design nuances of color and form. She’s a traditionalist when it comes to creative process: good coffee, piece of paper and ink is all that she needs to create beautiful illustrations that she later transforms into amazing digital graphics.


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