Incremental UX design and optimization for online businesses.

We help startups, SaaS, eCommerce and software companies gradually improve the UX of their digital products
in order to convert, delight and retain more clients.

Key features:
  • Heavily data-driven
  • User centered — business oriented
  • Flexible subscription plans
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Unique value proposition

We believe in UX for everyone, but not for anyone.

The Rectangles is not a typical agency. Under transparent subscription plans, we deliver UX design and optimization for SaaS, eCommerce and software companies. As the creators of UCDC (a UX tool used at NASA, Adobe or Blizzard), we’re famous for combining users needs with business goals. Our unique service model is based on incremental data-driven improvements which are predictable and safe for the client.

In sum, think of us as an adjustable expert UX design extension for your team.

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